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Working from Remote Locations

In the event of an emergency or other disruption, you may be instructed to work from an alternate location.  The information and resources here can help you complete your critical tasks and continue to serve the citizens of PA.


Home Computing

Commonwealth employees can access their e-mail from anywhere via the Web.

Employee Self Service
Manage your leave, deductions, direct deposit, travel expenses and more.

Employees can connect to the commonwealth network from home or another remote location. This needs to be set up in advance, as you will need to install the remote access software on your home computer. Contact your agency’s IT department to request this access.

If you are having trouble with remote access, these support numbers and manuals may help.


Phone & Voice Mail

A number of video, voice and Web conferencing options are available to commonwealth agencies. Check with your agency's IT department to find out what tools may be available to you.

Check Your Voice Mail - Old System 
Follow these simple steps to access the commonwealth voice mail system from anywhere:

  1. Dial your work telephone number.
  2. Wait for the voice mail system to answer.
  3. When the voice mail system starts to talk, press the * key.
  4. Follow the instructions provided by the system to enter your mail box number.

NOTE: If you are calling from a cell phone or phone number in a different area code than your work telephone number, you must include your work area code when entering your mail box number.

Check Your Voice Mail - Penn Connect 

Email - When someone leaves you a voice mail, a copy is also emailed to you.