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Project Approval Process

Agencies must get approval before initiating any IT project that meets the parameters defined in ITP-EPM006 – IT Projects and Project Management.  The approval process occurs as following:: 
  • Agency CIOs/IT managers complete the Project Request Form (PRF) and Project Scaling Worksheet (PSW) located in the Forms and templates folder on IT Central.
  • Once completed and approved by the agency CIO, the forms are then uploaded to the appropriate year in the Agency project submission by year folder on IT Central.
  • When approved, OA/OIT will create a Project ID (please refer to Management Directive 310.37) and the appropriate signatures are added to the PRF.  
  • OA/OIT will then post the approved PRF into the appropriate year in the Agency project approvals by year folder on IT Central.

Out-of-Cycle Project Submissions 

Occasionally, extenuating circumstances may necessitate an out-of-cycle project submission. OA-Information Technology will review out-of-cycle submissions for projects that meet one or more of these conditions: 
  • The project was previously submitted but placed on hold, pending more research, during the annual CoP project planning and approval process. 
  • The project is an agency secretary priority.  
  • The project is a Governor’s Office priority. 
  • The project is mandated by the federal or state legislature. 
  • New funding opportunities arise. For example, new grants or other types of funding become available, or existing projects are completed early or discontinued, making additional resources available.