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Enterprise Project Management Methodology

The Enterprise Project Management Methodology Process Guide contains foundational project management process information and is intended to be used within agencies that do not currently have a methodology in place.

OA-EMPO recommends the following six processes be followed when managing a project and each has specific deliverables associated with it.



The Pre-Initiation process consists of the work performed to define a new project within an agency.  It is where an idea or initiative begins the process to become a project. 

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The Initiating process consists of activities performed to officially kick off a project.  The project manager is assigned during this process.  The project manager reviews the documents that were produced during the Pre-Initiation process, and then begins to take the project through its life cycle. 

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The Planning process consists of processes performed to plan and manage a project.  It establishes the total scope of the effort, defines and refines the objectives, and develops the course of action required to attain those objectives. 

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The Executing process consists of activities performed to execute the Project Management Plan.

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Monitoring & Controlling

The Monitoring and Controlling process consists of processes that monitor and control risks, changes, quality, and reports the performance of a project.  The primary purpose is to monitor the project so that corrective action can be taken to control the execution of the project. 

Deliverable Forms
Project Log Level 1 & 2 Projects (Risk, Action Items, Issues, Decisions and Changes)
Project Log Level 3 Project (Risk, Action Items, Issues, Decisions and Changes)



The Closing process consists of processes and activities performed to close a project.  

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Optional Documents

These optional supporting documents can be used at the project manager’s discretion.  These documents are not deliverables associated with the project, but might useful in the management of the project.