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Project Management Training

OA-Information Technology provides project management training and tools for commonwealth professionals.  Courses require the approval of either your supervisor or agency training officer to attend. 

If you would like more information or have questions about the programs described below, please contact the Enterprise Project Management Office.

Both IT and non-IT employees, regardless of whether they have a project management background, can train to become commonwealth project managers.

Courses can then be scheduled through through LSO, available under "My Training" at (learn more about LSO).  Follow these instructions to find project management courses in LSO.

The Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) has obtained a Registered Education Provider certification with the Project Management Institute (PMI).  This means all project management training conducted after May 20, 2014 has been approved for Professional Development Units (PDUs) and will count toward taking the exam and maintaining your certification from PMI.  Please email for additional information.

 Project management training for commonwealth employees will utilize both web-based training and instructor-led training. Initially, employees will participate in the online Basic Project Management Training. At the conclusion of this training, participants must score 80% or higher on an assessment to progress to the Project Management Workshop, which is classroom-based. At the completion of the workshop, the employee may take the Advanced Project Management Training.

Online Training

  • Basic Project Management Training – The purpose of this training is to familiarize prospective project managers with basic  concepts, and expose them to the commonwealth’s  process and supporting documents for the management of projects. 

Instructor-Led Training

  • Project Management Workshop – This training is intended to provide the student with the ability to experience the job of a project manager before they are placed into that role. For existing project managers, the training provides greater exposure to EPMO project management processes and documents.  This workshop offers a “hands on” opportunity to utilize the terms, processes and documents learned about in the Basic Project Management Training. This training occurs in a controlled environment and under the supervision of an experienced project manager.
  • Managing a Project Using MS Project - Unlike many other product-oriented training sessions that focus on just features, this course is designed to show participants where Microsoft Project fits into the overall project management process and how to simply use the tool to plan, organize and manage a project. Included in this training is the use of Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling, with MS Project highlighting the critical path for the project. This is a great training session to understand the power of a tool like Microsoft Project without being overwhelmed by features and capabilities you may not use.
  • Project Risk Management – This training presents students with a Risk Management Methodology and tools to improve how they plan for and manage the risks that could affect their project.  This course offers ways for discovering, analyzing, monitoruing and planning a response should the risk occur. 

Coming Soon: Advanced Project Management Training  

  • Advanced Project Management Training - This training will continue the focus of developing the skills in the following areas of managing a project:

    • Requirements Management
    • Cost Management
    • Stakeholder Management
    • Project Governance
    • Procurement Management
    • Quality Management
Note: This training has yet to be developed.