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​COVID-19 Travel Guidance for Commonwealth Employees

On July 2, 2020, the Department of Health (DOH) announced a recommendation for domestic travelers returning from designated states to quarantine for 14 calendar days upon return to Pennsylvania.  The states and related quarantine recommendations are available at the PA DOH Travelers Information website, which also provides information on things to consider if you must travel, and how to protect yourself and others during your trip. 

The list will be updated every Friday based on the most up-to-date, nationwide case information. 

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​Why is quarantine after travel to certain places being recommended? What does it mean?

​What is considered travel to a state identified by the Department of Health? What if I am just passing through or stopping for fuel?

​How does the recommendation to quarantine after travel to certain states apply to commonwealth employees?

​I have just returned from a designated state after the recommendation was issued, and I work as a direct care staff at a 24/7 facility.  Am I required to quarantine? 

​If I self-quarantine, can I decide to return to work before the 14-calendar day period fully elapses? 

​What types of leave may I use if I receive approval to self-quarantine?

​Does the commonwealth distinguish between work-related travel and personal travel? 

​What if I am required to travel for work to one of the designated states? 

​Will the recommendation be extended to more states? Will states be removed from the list? 

​Since the list of states changes each week, how do I determine whether I should consider self-quarantining? 

​What if I live in a designated state and commute into PA for work?

​Can my manager or supervisor mandate quarantine post-travel since the Department of Health has only made it a recommendation?

​Is it recommended that I quarantine if I am asymptomatic?

​Can I get tested instead?  If I test negative, is it still recommended that I quarantine for 14 days?

​Should I consider quarantine if I already had COVID-19 and have recovered?

​If my spouse or family member has returned from one of the designated states, must a non-traveling household member quarantine?