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COOP Toolkit

The Continuity of Government COOP Toolkit is comprised of three parts: the COOP template, the COOP workbook and the COOP manual. The template gives agencies a common framework for their COOP plan formats; the workbook aids in streamlining data collection and reporting tools without losing past COG work; while the manual provides agencies with step-by-step guidelines for filling-out the template and workbook. More specifically:

  • The COOP Manual : The COOP Manual provides “COOP 101” for a new COOP Manager; direction for an experienced COOP Manager who may be starting a plan from scratch or agencies that may be starting over and need to thoroughly revise their COOP Plan.
  • The COOP Template : The COOP template provides for a common framework for each agencies plan. It is the new Commonwealth standard and is to be used in conjunction with the COOP Workbook and COOP Manual. This will guide your COOP plan development but bear in mind, the content will be unique to each agency
  • The COOP Workbook : The COOP workbook contains the forms and worksheets needed to complete your Agency COOP plan. The difference between the COOP workbook and COOP template is the workbook ONLY contains forms and worksheets. There is no narrative. Once completed, the forms contain data specific to your agency and are attached at the end of the plan template as appendices.