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IT Help Desk

Commonwealth employees should call their own agencies' IT departments for help.

Agency help desk professionals and IT managers can call OA-Information Technology at 717.506.1079 or 877.836.7771. Incident tickets can also be opened online.

Individual help desk numbers are listed below.


​Data Powerhouse ​Agency IT staff support for resources at the data powerhouse 717.506.1079 877.836.7771 ​
​Enterprise Data Center ​Agency IT staff support for servers and applications in the enterprise server farm ​877.836.7771
Exchange ​Agency IT staff support for Exchange and Active Directory management ​717.705.4509
​OA LAN Management ​End user computer and network support for employees in the consolidated agencies (Administration, Budget, Emergency Management, General Counsel, General Services, Governor's Office, Historical & Museum Commission, State Police, Department of State) ​717.783.1087


​Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) ​​End user support for SAP SRM module 877.HELP.363
Travel ​​End user support for SAP travel questions ​717.346.3401


Verizon ​Verizon CoPA Service Desk​ ​877.302.7366
​OA Consolidated Agencies ​​End user support for Penn Connect VoIP telephones, Fusion, OpenScape UC Web Client, Xpressions voicemail, legacy analog lines and wireless devices ​717.346.1427
​​Security Team ​End user and agency IT support for network firewalls, remote access using VPN, and other cybersecurity issues such as virus and intrusion protection ​717.772.8606
Voice/Video Conferencing ​​End user support for problems during an OA-Information Technology scheduled voice or video conference ​717.418.0652