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Geoboard Meetings

GeoBoard meetings are open and available for anyone to join. Currently meetings are held quarterly in person and virtual.  Interested parties can listen in by telephone.  

GeoBoard meetings are held at: 
Commonwealth Technology Center (CTC) 
1 Technology Park, Harrisburg, PA  17110 
Conference Rooms 1 and 2 
The listen-in telephone number is included in the meeting agenda, posted on the GeoBoard website – along with relevant meeting materials. 

Task Forces

We are always welcoming volunteers to a Task Force or one of its subcommittees. You can get an idea of current activities by reviewing the past Board meeting agenda, materials and minutes

View the task force charters:  
For Task Force leads, please refer to the GeoBoard member list.   

Working Groups

The Service Delivery and Governance Task Forces generally meet as a whole, whereas the Data Task Force consists of Working Groups that are more or less formal, comprised solely of volunteers, and focused on specific datasets. They have formed rather organically over the years, are generally supported by GeoBoard member organizations, and some pre-date the GeoBoard but now associate explicitly with the GeoBoard. Ideally, Working Groups meet at least quarterly and are guided by a smaller steering team meeting monthly. Active Working Groups include: 

  • Elevation 
  • Hydrography
  • Civic Boundary 
  • NG911
  • Geodetic 

New Business Topics

One other way to participate is to suggest a New Business Topic for the GeoBoard to address. Submitted topics are reviewed for merit and as to which Task Force might begin to address the topic.