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OpenScape Unified Communications

Area Code Dialing Ppdate

Starting on August 26, 2017, all users in the 717 area code will be required to dial 10 digits (area code + telephone number) when making any outbound local calls and 11 digits (1+ area code + telephone number) for any outbound long distance calls. A new 223 area code will be introduced starting in September that will require this change in dialing. Please update your contact lists and speed dials to include these updates. Any questions, please reach out to your agency’s telecommunications office.

Getting Started

UC Web Client

UC Web Client users access their UC features via the OpenScape website.



Web Collaboration and Audio Conference

Web Collaboration allows users to schedule and moderate meetings, as well as learn the features such as share your screen and remote control.



UC Fusion

UC Fusion users have the UC toolbar in MS Outlook.