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Personnel Transactions

A personnel transaction is any event that occurs as the result of an employment decision, such as a decision about whom to hire, whom to terminate from employment, whom to promote or whom to transfer. Agencies use the equal employment review certificate (EERC) (STD-483) to track personnel transactions at all levels. The EERC must be reviewed and approved by both the agency HR office and the equal opportunity (EO) officer.
Before signing off on an EERC, the EO officer must perform an adverse impact analysis on the personnel transaction to measure the selection rates in employment decisions. Adverse impact occurs when the selection rates for females, minorities, or other protected groups are substantially different from the selection rates for males and non-minorities. 


Peopleclick's Adverse Impact Monitor software is used to perform the impact analysis, using the information provided in the EERC. The software must be installed on your computer. This Monitor Reference Guide will help you to install and use Monitor to perform impact analyses.  Contact your supervisor or HR director if you need to use Monitor but do not have the software.