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The most effective equal opportunity plans use internal auditing and reporting to measure progress towards achieving the workforce that would be expected in the absence of discrimination.

Quarterly Reports

A list of all grievances and complaints of discrimination should be compiled and sent to OA-Equal Employment Opportunity by the 5th business day after the end of each quarter. The division will send a copy of the report template in Excel format prior to the end of the quarter.  This quarterly complaint report shows the information that is required.                  

A list of all accommodation requests should be compiled and sent to OA-Equal Employment Opportunity by the 5th business day after the end of each quarter.  The division will send a copy of the report template in Excel format prior to the end of the quarter.  The disability-related accommodation report template shows the information that is required.  

Annual EO Plan Reports

The reports required as part of the EO planning process are:       
  • Work force analysis
  • Job group analysis
  • Availability analysis
  • Utilization (incumbency vs. estimated availability) analysis
M410.3 gives more detail on these analyses, and the AAPlanner Quick Guide explains how to use the EO tools to produce the reports. These reports are due along with the EO plan no later than March 1 of each year.


Equal opportunity officers use Peoplefluent's software to generate their reports, and the Interim Reporting Information System (IRIS) to upload employee data into AAPlanner.
Peoplefluent's AAPlanner must be installed on your computer. This AAPlanner Quick Guide will help you use AAPlanner. Contact your supervisor or HR director if you need to use AAPlanner but do not have the software.
Complete this form to get access to IRIS. Your request must be approved by your supervisor, HR director, and by the Office of Administration.


When prompted, save the database file to a location on your PC before opening.  

Budget Demographic Reports

In preparation for budget hearings, some agencies prepare statistical reports on the percentage and number of minorities and non-minorities, specific racial minority groups and gender for various categories. If you need assistance preparing budget demographic repots, contact OA-Equal Employment Opportunity at 717.783.1130.
The Workforce Statistics dashboard contains data on agencies under the Governor’s jurisdiction, including general employment trends, equal employment opportunity elements, comparison of labor unions, employee mobility patterns and detailed employment characteristics.