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​Frequently Asked Questions

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​Do I have the flexibility to care for dependents while teleworking? 

​What should I do if I am instructed to stop temporary telework and return to my physical worksite, but I have not been able to make dependent care arrangements? 

​My child’s school is open for in-person classes, but after school child care is closed due to COVID-19 and I’ve been unable to find alternate arrangements. What are my options?

​What if I am experiencing dependent care difficulties and do not have any leave available, or I have exhausted all my accrued and anticipated leave?

​I am a temporary teleworker and my child will be at home for virtual instruction.  As I am making plans for their care, I would like to know the status of my temporary telework arrangement. (Updated 1/1/21)

​If my child’s school schedule alternates between two days of virtual instruction one week and three days the following week, for example, will I have the flexibility to adjust my work schedule as needed? (Updated 1/1/21)

​What flexibility will I have within my scheduled work shift to pick up and/or drop off my child at school? 

What are my options if my child attends in-person kindergarten on a half-day schedule, but my child care provider is not open/available due to COVID-19, and I can only telework in full day increments?(Updated 1/1/21)