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Employees Who Are Working or Teleworking

Page last updated January 1, 2021. 

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1. What is COVID 19 Emergency Paid Sick Leave (ES)? (Updated 11/1/21)

2. Who is eligible for emergency paid sick leave? (Updated 1/1/21)

​3.  If I telework, am I eligible for COVID 19 Emergency Paid Sick Leave? 

4. ​How much emergency paid sick leave is available for full-time employees? (Updated 1/1/21)

5. How much emergency paid sick leave is available for part-time employees? (Updated 1/1/21)

6. What is the rate of reimbursement for COVID 19 Emergency Paid Sick Leave?

​7. When can I use COVID 19 Emergency Paid Sick Leave?

8. Who is an “individual”?

9. Can I use COVID 19 Emergency Paid Sick Leave intermittently? (Updated 1/1/21)

10. Can I use COVID 19 Emergency Paid Sick Leave before I use my other paid leave, such as annual leave? 

11. Do I need a doctor’s note or other documentation to use emergency paid sick leave? (Updated 9/16/21)

12. How do I request emergency paid sick leave? 

13. Who approves my request for COVID 19 Emergency Paid Sick Leave?

14. Is COVID 19 Emergency Paid Sick Leave  retirement-covered? 

15. Am I required to use leave if I am caring for an individual subject to a quarantine, self-quarantine or isolation order due to potential exposure to COVID-19, or potential or confirmed COVID-19 infection? (Updated 1/1/21)

16. If I elect to use my own leave, must I use paid leave?

17. I am working or teleworking a reduced schedule, must I use leave for the time not worked?  

18. Can I apply for unemployment compensation if I am working a reduced schedule?

19. Do I need to use all my paid leave before applying for unemployment compensation?

20. Will commonwealth health care coverage continue for employees while they are receiving unemployment compensation? How will employee health care costs be paid while employees are on unemployment compensation? Will health care benefits continue uninterrupted when employees return to commonwealth employment? 

​21. Are employees required to use a certain amount of paid leave each pay period to retain their health care benefits? 

​22. How does unemployment compensation affect my retirement? Will money be withheld for retirement while on unemployment compensation? 

​23. Will I lose my seniority if I chose to take a leave without pay (LWOP) with benefits absence?  Will people with less seniority continue to accrue seniority if they choose to use paid leave?

24. What if unemployment compensation determines I am not eligible for benefits?  Can I go back and change the unpaid absences to paid leave at that point? 

25. If I receive COVID-19 unemployment compensation, will I still be covered under FMLA or does that coverage end? 

26. How do I get my wage and date of hire information to file for unemployment compensation? 

27. Am I guaranteed to not lose my job while using FMLA-designated leave? Does applying for unemployment compensation forfeit my position with the Commonwealth? Am I less likely to be called back to work if I am on unemployment compensation?

28. What commonwealth positions are not eligible for unemployment compensation (exempt)? 

29. I'm filing my initial unemployment compensation claim and I’m being asked for my "Employer Unemployment Compensation Account Number.”  Where can I obtain this?    

30. Can I apply for unemployment compensation in advance of starting leave without pay (LWOP) with benefits so there is no gap in my income? 

31. If work is offered to me, and I turn it down in favor of leave without pay (LWOP) with benefits, does that disqualify me from collecting unemployment compensation? 

32. If the unemployment compensation approval process is prolonged – 3 or 4 weeks – am I able to switch back to paid leave if I need money? 

​33. What date should I use for my unemployment compensation application - the date when paid leave for office closings (POC) due to COVID-19 ended (April 10) or the date I will receive my last paycheck? 

34. Can I use paid leave while waiting for a unemployment compensation determination? 

​35. The unemployment compensation application asks for a reason, but this isn't technically a layoff so do what I put as the reason?

​36. Can I apply for unemployment compensation while on call for emergency duty?