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​Administrative Leave Vaccine Incentive

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​What is the One-Day Administrative Leave Vaccine Incentive? 

​Are all employees eligible to earn the One-Day Administrative Leave Incentive? 

​Is the One-Day Administrative Leave Incentive (7.5/8.0 hours) in addition to the Administrative Leave that is available to receive the vaccination(s)?  

​I work an Alternate Work Schedule (AWS).  How much Administrative Leave will I receive?

​How do I provide the Vaccination Verification to qualify for the One Day Administrative Leave Incentive? 

​Are there other ways to submit my Vaccination Verification?  

​I received the first dose of a two-dose vaccine series.  Am I eligible for the One-Day Administrative Leave incentive? 

​How do you know if employees are being truthful in their submission of the Vaccination Verification? 

​When can I request to use the One-Day Administrative Leave Incentive? 

​I submitted my Vaccination Verification to receive the One-Day Administrative Leave Incentive.  How do I request to use the leave? 

​Will I see the Administrative Leave in my leave balances in ESS?