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Thank you for your service to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and congratulations on reaching your retirement!  The information below will help you with making a smooth transition out of commonwealth service.

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​How do I begin the retirement process?

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Begin by meeting with a retirement counselor to discuss your retirement options. This should occur three months before your projected retirement date.  

If you are enrolled in deferred compensation, you should contact a deferred compensation specialist at least 45 days in advance of your retirement date to discuss your Empower account or defer your leave payout.

At least two weeks prior to your requested retirement date, you should:

  • Address a letter of intent to retire to your agency head
  • Provide the letter to your Human Resources Director
  • Provide a copy of the letter to your supervisor
  • Make an appointment to file a retirement application with your SERS retirement counselor

The Employee Separation Booklet and Separation Checklist will help ensure that you have completed all required steps before retirement.

​When do my active employee health benefits end?

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​Active state-paid benefits and State Employees’ Assistance Program (SEAP) benefit coverage will end at 11:59 pm on your last paid work day.

​Am I eligible for health benefits after retirement?

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When you meet with your SERS counselor, they will review your eligibility for retiree health coverage.  Generally speaking, you are eligible for retiree health benefits if the following criteria are met:

  • You are retiring from a PEBTF-eligible position; and
  • You have 25 years of credited service regardless of age; or
  • You have 20 years of credited service and superannuation age; or
  • You have 5 years of credited service and qualify for disability retirement.

Only your SERS counselor can confirm eligibility for retiree health care.  If you are enrolled in PSERS or TIAA, contact the HR Service Center at 866.377.2672.​

​Will I be paid for unused leave at retirement?

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​Earned, unused annual and combined leave types may be paid upon separation.  Your eligibility for sick leave payout is determined by the provisions of your union’s collective bargaining agreement. 

Check your union’s contract for your sick leave payout schedule.  Management/non-represented employees refer to Management Directive 505.7, Personnel Rules.

​Can I defer my leave payout to my deferred compensation account?

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​Yes.  Begin by contacting your agency Human Resources office to obtain your leave payout estimate, then contact a deferred compensation specialist at 1.800.633.5461, option 1, at least 45 days in advance of your retirement date.  They will advise how much of your payout you are able to defer and will set up the deduction.

​Can I continue my group life insurance?

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​Yes.  Your state-paid group life insurance will expire 31 days after your separation if you were in an active pay status or on leave without pay with benefits at the time of your separation.  You may convert your coverage to whole life insurance at your expense by applying to MetLife before this coverage expires. 

Contact MetLife at 855.972.5433 for more information.

​Can I continue any other insurance products?

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​Contact each provider below for more information on eligibility and cost.

​Benefit​Provider Website​Phone Number
​Commonwealth-provided life, accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insuranceMetLife MyBenefits​855.972.5433
​Critical illness insurance​MetLife Pennsylvania​877.755.7480 ext. 2001
​Supplemental employee and/or dependent life insurance, long term disability, short term disabilityPrudential​800.893.7316
​Corestream products (auto/home, pet insurance; identity theft protection, etc.).​PA Employee Savings​855.669.6600