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Staggering Work Shifts​

Note: Employees of the LCB, Attorney General, PGCB, Auditor General and all other agencies not under the Governor's jurisdiction should contact their local HR office for assistance. 

Please note the following guidance may differ for 24/7 operations including correctional facilities, state hospitals and centers, veterans’ homes, and youth development centers, as well as those agencies following CISA’s guidance for critical infrastructure workers. Employees within such operations should continue to follow the guidance issued by their agency.  

In cases where a provision of an approved labor agreement or side letter cannot be reconciled with this policy, the labor agreement or side letter will control.

Page last updated May 31, 2021, 9 a.m.

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​Since the Governor declared the state of emergency due to COVID-19, my work schedule was changed.  Is my new schedule permanent? (Updated 5/31/21)

​Can I stay on my alternate work schedule (AWS)?

​What if I carpool, take public transit, or have other commitments that make it impossible to change my schedule?   

​If I cannot work my new schedule due to other legitimate commitments, can I stay on leave without pay with benefits and continue to receive unemployment compensation?   

​If I cannot work my new schedule due to other legitimate commitments, can I use my own paid leave until I can go back on my own schedule?  

​Is seniority applied when changing to a different shift?  

​Will I receive shift differential for working a different shift?  

​Will there be any impact to my bi-weekly pay by working other shifts? 

​Who selects the shifts that are available for employees?

​Can I have any changes I want in my work schedule?  

​How early can I start work?  How early can I leave work? 

​Can my supervisor deny my request for a schedule change?  

​Is there a list of schedules I can select from?   

​If I like this new schedule, can I stay on it indefinitely?  

​Can I flex my time to come in a certain time one day and a different time the next?   

​How will I be notified if I’m required to change my work schedule?   

​What if I have approved supplemental employment that does not allow for a schedule change?   

​If I have been successfully teleworking, can I simply continue to work from home?

​Will my hours officially be changed in the system? Do I need to use these new hours for submission of timesheets and/or leave slips?  

Will a work schedule change be mandatory? 

​Will the work schedule changes impact my overtime pay?   

​I have pre-scheduled, approved leave.  How will the work schedule change impact future-dated leave already in SAP? 

​Will a work schedule change impact the number of hours I am working? 

​If I have approved supplemental employment, am I permitted to work my second job during my days/hours off due to a staggered shift agreement?