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Worksite Cleaning

Note: Employees of the LCB, Attorney General, PGCB, Auditor General and all other agencies not under the Governor's jurisdiction should contact their local HR office for assistance.  

Please note the following guidance may differ for 24/7 operations including correctional facilities, state hospitals and centers, veterans’ homes, and youth development centers, as well as those agencies following CISA’s guidance for critical infrastructure workers. Employees within such operations should continue to follow the guidance issued by their agency.   

In cases where a provision of an approved labor agreement or side letter cannot be reconciled with this policy, the labor agreement or side letter will control.

Page last updated September 1, 2021, 10:30 a.m.

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Is extra cleaning happening? What about continuous cleanings? (Updated 9/1/21)

How do I know that my worksite has been cleaned? (Updated 9/1/21)

How does the commonwealth make sure that after hours cleaning at worksites is being done properly?

​Do I need to bring my own cleaning supplies for my work area? 

​Why can’t I bring cleaning supplies from home? 

​Am I responsible to clean my personal work area and what are the protocols? (Updated 5/31/21)

​Will the air filters and ventilation be cleaned? 

​We have fans and air conditioners that circulate the air.  Will that increase our risk?

​What are the guidelines for handling mail? 

​What cleaning guidelines will be in place for shared work areas such as conference room tables and shared workstations? (Updated 9/1/21)