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HR and IT Shared Services Transformation

In 2017, the Office of Administration embarked on a bold transformation of how human resources (HR) and information technology (IT) support are provided to state agencies under the Governor's jurisdiction.

The transformation initiative centralized HR and IT employees who worked for individual state agencies into the Office of Administration and organized them into delivery centers that that serve multiple agencies with similar missions and functions. OA also implemented a new governance model to give senior executives from all agencies a voice in the  prioritization of investments, projects, and strategic initiatives. Finally, the new organization is supported by a simplified and transparent funding model.  

Delivery Centers 

The delivery centers and agencies they support are: 

Delivery Center​Agencies Supported
General Government

​Office of Administration*
Office of the Budget
Office of General Counsel
Governor’s Office
Lieutenant Governor’s Office
General Services
Office of Inspector General
Historical and Museum Commission
Human Relations Commission
Civil Service Commission

Public Safety

Probation & Parole
State Police
Commission on Crime & Delinquency
Justice Network

Employment, Banking and Revenue

​Labor & Industry
Banking & Securities

H​ealth and Human Services

​Human Services
Drug & Alcohol Programs
Military & Veterans Affairs

​Conservation and Environment

​Conservation & Natural Resources
Environmental Protection
Milk Marketing Board
Environmental Hearing Board

​Infrastructure and Economic Development

​Community & Economic Development
Emergency Management 

*Independent boards and commissions currently served by OA OIT and HR will continue.