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M210.3 - Index of Issuances

The index of issuances includes executive orders, management directives, and manuals created by agencies under the Governor's jurisdiction.  It does not include administrative circularsinformation technology policies, proclamations or press releases.

The index is updated as issuances are published, amended, or rescinded through the process outlined in Management Directive 210.1 Directives Management System. It starts at the beginning of the fiscal year when Manual 210.3 - Index of Issuances is published in the Pennsylvania Code. 

How to Use the Index

  • Issuances are numbered in sequence by type, then category (e.g., Management Directive, Financial Management) and subcategory (e.g., Payroll). 
  • Document titles preceded by the letter "M" are manuals.
  • Rescinded documents are identified by a single line through the title. 
  • Amendments are presented as complete documents that incorporate all changes since the last issuance.  Marginal dots highlight new or revised text.  Some older documents have pen-and-ink changes or replacement pages and affect only the altered text. 


Issuance: An executive order, management directive, administrative circular, manual or other publication that announces policy, details procedures or guides, instructs or informs employees in their work. An issuance may be directional, informational or procedural.

Executive order: An issuance that announces the Governor's policies and programs. Executive orders are signed by the Governor. Executive orders can be revised or rescinded only by another executive order. Executive orders are published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin and Pennsylvania Code.

Management directive: An issuance that announces detailed policies, programs, responsibilities, and procedures that are relatively permanent. Management directives are signed by the Governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of administration, secretary of the budget, or the head of any department or independent board, commission or council under the Governor's jurisdiction. Management directives can be revised or rescinded only by an executive order or another management directive.

Administrative circular: An issuance that contains either informational material or instructions that are one time or temporary in nature. Administrative circulars are automatically rescinded one year from the date of issuance. Administrative circulars are signed the same as management directives.

Manual: An issuance that contains detailed information or procedures for a defined operation or set of operations. A preface or introduction to each manual is signed the same as a management directive. A manual can be rescinded by another manual, executive order or management directive.


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