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Records Management

Records, and the information they contain, are the lifeblood of government activity and one of the keys to making government more responsive, efficient, and transparent.

The Commonwealth Records Management Program controls the creation, use, maintenance, preservation and disposition of records of state agencies. 
It is each agency's responsibility to establish and maintain a continuing program for the management of its records. 


About the Office

Pennsylvania’s state records management program guides the creation, use, maintenance and disposition of state documentations and information.  The program ensures that agencies subject to the Administrative Code of 1929, agencies under the Governor’s jurisdiction and entities that use the State Records Center, apply policies and activities in a consistent manner that enables effective and transparent operations.

The Office of Administrations’ Office of Continuity and Records Information Management carries out Executive Order 1992-1, which requires the Secretary of Administration to administer the commonwealth’s record management program by drafting policies, standards, and procedures to control the use, maintenance, retention and disposition of records.

The Office of Continuity and Records Information Management also:

The Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission implements Pennsylvania's state records management program and operates the state records center and the state archives.