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Generative Artificial Intelligence

This page serves as a one-stop resource for Commonwealth employees for topics related to generative artificial intelligence (AI).

The field of AI has experienced rapid development, and the availability and popularity of "generative AI" have greatly increased. There is significant public interest in generative AI because of its potential to empower creativity, innovation, and efficiency. However, the technology also presents potential risks and new challenges for the Commonwealth that must be navigated thoughtfully.  

Governor Shapiro's Executive Order, new employee use policy, and other steps being taken by the Commonwealth will allow Commonwealth employees to engage with these technologies in a manner that is additive to their work and the customer service they provide to Pennsylvanians while addressing and mitigating risks inherent in their use. The Commonwealth will continually review policies and directives relating to the governance of AI in all its forms and evaluate private generative AI solutions that may provide additional security while mitigating risks associated with this technology.

ITP & Employee Use Policy

Commonwealth employees should reference the Commonwealth Use of Public Generative Artificial Intelligence policy for guidance on how to engage with generative AI. 

Additional information about approved generative AI tools, useful AI employee resources, and information about providing feedback and citing AI will be made available after the first meeting of the Generative AI Governance Board.


The Generative AI Governing Board will provide employee-centered direction on all aspects of the design, development, procurement, and deployment of generative AI in Commonwealth agencies. 

The Board includes the following members or their designees: 

  • Governor's Chief of Staff 
  • Director of Digital Strategy 
  • Chief Transformation and Opportunity Officer 
  • Secretary of Policy and Planning 
  • General Counsel
  • Secretary of Administration 
  • Chief Information Officer 
  • Chief Information Security Officer 
  • Chief Data Officer 
  • Chief Privacy Officer 
  • The Department of General Service's Deputy Secretary for Procurement 
  • The Department of Labor & Industry's Deputy Secretary for Workforce Development

AI Training

To accompany and enhance employee generative AI use, OA is creating a series of trainings to include in all employee onboarding materials. The resources will inform staff about the policy, share examples of recommended ways to use publicly available generative AI tools in their work for the Commonwealth, and emphasize where not to use it.

In addition to the broad overview of onboarding materials, OA is also exploring other training or certification programs that may be offered to Commonwealth employees.

Comprehensive Approach

The Commonwealth is taking a comprehensive and proactive approach to generative AI. In addition to the above resources available for employees, the Commonwealth is also exploring various partnerships and potential fellowship opportunities related to generative AI research and developments.