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‚ÄčTom Tom Tools

OA-Information Technology holds an enterprise license agreement with American Digital Cartography Inc. (ADCi) for TomTom products.


These licensed products may be made available to:
  • Employees of, and contractors for, commonwealth agencies 
  • Municipalities, council of governments, municipal planning organizations, local development districts
  • Public education institutions (K-12 only)
  • First responders
  • All political subdivisions of the commonwealth 
  • The PA Spatial Data Access (PASDA).

Additionally, contractors/consultants doing work for the organizations listed above can use the products, provided it is for a specified project of the organization


The following products will be received on a semi-annual basis.
  • MultiNet with routing attribution, state of PA
  • MultiNet Display, state of PA plus a county buffer of surrounding states 
  • Geocoding and Routing file geodatabase (FGDB) 
  • MultiNet Administrative Areas, state of PA 
  • MultiNet Post (Zip+4 Centroids), state of PA 
  • MultiNet FGDC Metadata