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​​Governor's Awards for Excellence

The Governor’s Awards for Excellence is a prestigious and competitive program that recognizes Commonwealth employees for exemplary job performance  that reflects initiative, leadership, innovation, and outstanding public service.      

Award Nominations

The nomination period for recognizing achievements that occurred in 2023 will be open from January 2​ to January 31, 2024​.


  • Nomination Site (*​ - Each nomination must include a clear, substantive description of the achievement and can be expanded beyond the nomination by up to five pages of supporting materials.  Please note that you can save your progress on a nomination and finish it later! Your pending nominations will be displayed upon entering the nomination site. Note: you will not be able to view or modify nominations after they have been submitted as complete.
*VPN or access to a computer at a commonwealth worksite is required.
*Chrome browser strongly encouraged.

Can’t access the nomination site? Contact


  • Any current, permanent Commonwealth employee can be nominated by another current, permanent Commonwealth employee.
  • Self-nominations will not be accepted.
  • Group nominations may include up to 10 people. 


Nominations should be for service, achievements or accomplishments that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Must go beyond an individual agency program and have multi-agency impact.
  • Must have significant impact on the general public, or the life, safety, or property of another (others).
  • Must have significantly enhanced the image, prestige, or effectiveness of the Commonwealth.
  • Exemplifies outstanding public service. 


If you have questions about the Governor's Awards for Excellence, please contact