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GIS Data Sharing

Executive Agencies

Executive Order 2016-07 - Open Data & Data Development authorizes the Office of Administration (OA) to develop data priorities, strategic plans, direct data investments, procurements and policy for the Commonwealth agencies under the Governor's jurisdiction, which includes data governance, data development, data analytics and data sharing.  In response, OA created a single, multi-agency MOU to create a more efficient process to  obtain  and provide  data  by,  between  and  among commonwealth agencies.

In the agreement, agencies define which data they classify as open data that may be published without reservation. There is also a process by which data other than that already classified as open data may be defined in a Data Exchange Summary between specific entities.

Local Governments

Although each government unit generally has some type of data sharing or purchase agreement, the Geoboard has developed a standard Geospatial Data Sharing Agreement  to facilitate the sharing of data between government entities and other data owners, including academia, business, and non‐profits. The agreement serves to encourage and simplify data sharing throughout the commonwealth. 

Other helpful information can be found at the following links:

Electronic copies of the signed signature page can be submitted to the PA Geospatial Coordinating Board.

Contact Us

The Office of Administration is available to assist with information and questions about data sharing and the data sharing agreement and can be contacted by em​ail or 717.787.7878.